unique kitchen goods to save you time and money
unique kitchen goods to save you time and money

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Kitchen Facts You Didn’t Know

Kitchen Facts You Didn’t Know

A place for everything and everything in its place.  It’s one of those sayings – which, if you like a perfectly tailored kitchen to your needs, may be true.  Whether you have the most wonderfully organized and designed fitted kitchen, or one that needs a little more TLC, discover some interesting facts about the treasures that you can find in your trusty kitchen. And some points that you may not be so keen to read about.  Read on…

1. There’s more to your cutlery drawer. 

If you’ve always thought that cutlery just means a knife, fork and spoon you’d be wrong.  There is such a thing as a spork – a cross between a spoon and a fork.  In fact there’s even a splade – a spork with a blade.

2. Quick – there’s a spillage.

There’s nothing worse than an overspilling saucepan when you’re cooking pasta.  Trying to clean up dried boiled water after it has boiled over is not an easy task.  If you place either a wooden spoon or fork across the top of the pan, it will prevent any spillages.

3. No tears please – it’s only an onion.

There are several ways to avoid the dreaded tears when chopping up an onion.  Carefully cut your onion under cold running water.  Alternatively, try putting it in the freezer for a short while before chopping.  And once you’ve chopped your onion, use lemon juice to remove the smell from your hands.

4. Clever cheat to rid freezer smells.

This is a kind of a cheat as it involves the bedroom rather than the kitchen.  A sock filled with coffee granules can remove musty smells from a freezer.  Odd, but it works.  Obviously the sock needs to be clean… you don’t want to defeat the object!

5. Your kitchen – is it really the cleanest room in the house?

Most people think that the toilet is the most unhygienic place in your home but they are wrong.  The kitchen sink is the worst culprit, with over 100,000 times more germs than a bathroom or toilet.  Although it would be difficult to imagine eating near a toilet.

6. Think about your chopping board.

Did you know that the average chopping board has more than 200% more germs than the average toilet seat?  Keep your kitchen healthy – make sure you use separate boards for raw and cooked food.  Always wash after use with hot soapy water.  Also, glass boards are a lot more hygienic than wooden ones as they’re less likely to retain liquids.

7. The gadgets you simply had to have.

How many gadgets do you own?  Are you the proud owner of a melon baller, an avocado slicer or herb scissors?  A massive 87% of us own a kitchen necessity that we simply had to have – but never actually use.  This may possibly rank with the gym membership that was a great idea at the time…  What was that – you’re going next week?

8. Become a better friend with your oven.

Does your baking not go to plan?  Are you sure if you’re cooking your dishes correctly?  Invest in an oven thermometer to restore your faith in your oven.  No more baking disasters – well hopefully not.  One of the most useful kitchen gadgets.  Ever.  If you care for the temperature in your oven, you’re more likely to create a culinary masterpiece rather than a disaster!

9. Don’t waste the wine.

If you’ve had a great evening but haven’t quite finished off the wine bottle don’t waste it.  Pour it into an ice cube tray and freeze.  Perfect for using in sauces, waste not want not!

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