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Ice Tray Ideas

Ice Tray Ideas

Ice Tray Ideas
Ice cube trays and Their Various Uses – Turn an Ice Cube Tray into a Multi-Purpose Tool!

Ice cube trays are handy to have on hand when you need ice cubes for your drinks, but as useful as they are, the trays can take up a lot of space. Whether in the freezer or in cupboards when they’re not in use, ice cube trays can seem like one-hit wonders that wear out their welcome fairly quickly.
Instead of just taking up space in your freezer, here are a few ideas to get the most out of your ice cube trays.

Square Ice Cube Trays: Make chocolate truffles. (Some plastic trays may need to be coated with some cooking spray to release the chocolate, most silicone trays are non-stick.) Pour melted chocolate to coat the inside of each cavity. If it’s too thick there won’t be room for your fillings and if it’s too thin the chocolate candy may break. Freeze until firm, roughly 10 minutes, and prepare your fillings. Add fillings and the rest of the melted chocolate until the tray is full. Freeze for an hour and gently unmold from the tray. The truffles are ready to eat, give away or be displayed on the dessert table at your next party!
Highball Ice Cube Mold: Drinking a tall, thirst-quenching glass of lemonade, iced tea, or water? Freeze fresh raspberries and strawberries in the highball mold and add your ice cube to your lemonade for a fruity infusion of taste. Freeze iced tea and fresh mint leaves in the mold and add to your iced tea. Your iced tea won’t get diluted from the ice cube and the mint adds subtle flavor as you sip. Freeze your favorite fruit in the mold and add to your water for a taste that’s healthy and delicious!

Stick Ice Cube Tray: Perfect for water bottles and staying hydrated on the go. Add small pieces of fruit to the ice sticks for delicious tasting water.
Craving chocolate covered pretzels? Pour melted chocolate in the mold, place a pretzel stick in the cavity and cover with more melted chocolate. Freeze until set, pop out of the tray and you have chocolate covered pretzel sticks ready for snacking.

Cooking: It’s also easy to incorporate ice cube trays into cooking. Fill the ice stick tray with olive oil and chop up the herbs you want to freeze. Rosemary, oregano and basil are a few good choices. Store the sticks in the freezer and use to season and add garden fresh flavor into soups, stews and pasta dishes.
The recipe only called for a tablespoon of tomato paste? Freeze the rest of the tomato paste in the ice cube tray and store in the freezer until you need a cube to tomato paste and pop it in your cooking. You can do the same for leftover pesto sauce.

I used to hate it when buttermilk went to waste - Now I measure out tablespoons, freeze them in the tray and store them in the freezer until my next recipe. Frozen buttermilk is good for three months, so I have plenty of time to make sure it doesn’t go to waste!
If you’re an iced coffee fan and love making your own concoctions at home, make extra and freeze it into ice cubes. Next time you make iced coffee, use the coffee ice cubes for an extra kick and an undiluted drink.
Glitter: This last idea is best for small round or square ice cube trays. Love glitter and think your water is boring? Before freezing the ice cubes sprinkle in a little edible glitter. (The glitter must be marked as edible for it to be safe to consume). The glitter adds a fun surprise to your drink. Edible glitter melts when it’s submerged into water, so the best way to get glittery ice cubes is to freeze the ice cube first, sprinkle the glitter on it and refreeze until its time to use it.
If your want a more pronounced effect and are not drinking the ice cubes i.e. putting the ice in a bucket to chill wine bottles. You can freeze non-toxic plastic glitter in your ice cubes. This type of glitter doesn’t melt and stays bright and shiny even when the ice starts to melt (Do not ingest!). This is an awesome idea for holidays, parties and anything unicorn themed. (Reminder it is not safe to eat any glitter that is not marked edible and we cannot be held responsible for any non-edible glitter ingestion). Enjoy and drink responsibly!

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